IPMT MALAYSIA (International Postgraduate Medical Training)

28 May – 4 Jun 2017 Kuala Lumpur

2017 Training (5th Year)


2017 IPMT Training (5th Year)
Psychosocial pathology and therapy, the social dimension of doctor’s role and responsibility. The role of agriculture and economic live for the well-being of the social and individual live. Education as preventive medicine, the pedagogical law, pastoral medicine, the esoteric foundation of the professional live: Professional live as service for humanity and the spiritual world. Daily live as path of initiation.

This program occurs in a series of at least a week training every year for five years (five modules).

2017 will be the fifth module for IPMT Malaysia.

Malaysia IPMT hosts the following groups and the groups’ focuses in 2017.

(I) Anthroposophic Nursing Care : Nursing for Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood (lead by Rolf Heine)
This session is open to those nursing, homecare professionals, parents or those who are interested in healthy child care.
Course Description :
Caring is education and education is caring during pregnancy and early childhood. The unborn child living in the shelter of mother’s body needs no care but mother’s self-care and developing a relationship with the unborn by her thoughts and feelings. In the first 3 years most interactions between the child and his social environment are nursing and caring interactions like nourishing, warming, clothing, cleansing, protecting, balancing. In this workshop we work on the fundamental objectives of caring the child in early childhood. We watch the most important steps of child development, do text-studies on Rudolf Steiners book “Education of the child in the light of spiritual science”, learn some external applications for the ill child and practice infant handling in daily body care. We learn about breastfeeding, sleeping and child development in walking, speaking and thinking.

(II) Fundamentals of Anthroposophic Nutritional Therapy(lead by Johannes Kingma)
Course Description :
You are active in dietary food preparation or nutritional therapy, or you plan to work in these areas. You are already familiar with the preparation of tasty whole-food meals and want to expand your competence to include dietetic forms of cooking. You are tired of the sweeping and one-sided views found in conventional dietetics and you want to learn about refreshing yet sensible and effective approaches. You are interested in exchanging experiences regarding alternative diets and you would like to learn the fundamentals against a background of anthroposophic anthropology.
If so, this is the right workshop for you.
The questions and concerns of the participants will form the basis for the workshop.
In addition we shall select from among the following topics:
· Introduction to anthroposophic nutrition: what do we eat and what for?
· Introduction to anthroposophic nutritional therapy – don’t just avoid what is harmful, seek out what is beneficial
· Ways of preparing food and suggested vegetarian whole-food recipes. Please email me your wishes ahead of time so that I can bring the recipes you want
· Streamlining various kinds of diets: useful simplification in the maze of diets or an impoverishment of dietetics?
· Nutrition for diseases of the liver-gallbladder system
· Allergies and intolerance
· Nutrition for chronic constipation
· Nutrition for diseases of the heart and circulation. Vegetarian low-fat nutrition according to Dean Ornisch or is a low carbohydrate diet preferable?
· The Hay Diet in connection with the liver-gallbladder rhythm
· Nutrition for rheumatic diseases
· Nutritional therapy for metabolic syndrome, especially for insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes
· “Light, balanced diets” and “bland diets”
· The preparation and use of water gruels and substantial gruels
· “Two-hour carrots” to relieve severe diarrhoea with inflamed intestines
· Strength-building nutrition after operations, mild and severe diarrhoea, acute pancreatitis, etc.
· Principles and practical application of liquid and pureed meals
· Gluten-free cooking
· Education for special needs, low-sulphur and sulphur-rich nutrition

(III) Child Development from birth to 7 years old. ( lead by Astrid Schmitt-Stegmann )
Course Description : In this workshop we will focus on the period birth – 7, most important for the healthy growth and development of the child. Here the physical body and its organs unfold that will be the necessary foundation for all further development and learning.

(IV) Artistic Eurythmy – Knowing your Inner Power to Be a Self-Directed Person.
: (lead by Lai Hsin-Shih)

Course Description :
Artistic eurythmy has a strong therapeutic effect and is a powerful tool to open up your unknown potential of the self. Our characters have many folds of colours and that which provide us the opportunities to meet the world more fully and with confidence if we learn to use them well. In the workshop we will be using different composers of music and poetries to help us to get to know our inner beings of existence and at the same time to learn how to use them in the working creativity.

(V) Biography Work :Rhythms in Human Biographies(lead by Susanne Hofmeister)
Limited Seats for this group.
Course Description :In our biography workshop in 2016 we looked at the seven-year cycles. These cycles are a fundamental part of human development and they reveal the life processes in various stages of development.
This year the focus will be on other rhythms – planetary rhythms and their significance for the development of the individual “I”. The forces of the inner planets Moon, Mercury and Venus affect a person’s destiny primarily during the period of physical development (up to age 21). The forces of the Sun are primarily active in the time of the development of the soul (age 21-42). The outer planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have their destiny-freeing effect in the period of spiritual development (from age 42). What does this mean in general and how do we discover these influences in our own lives? A core theme will be the moon-node rhythm, which repeats itself in a specific way every 18 years or so and connects us to our birth impulse regarding the question of the meaning of our life. The theme of each day will be introduced via short talks, followed by individual work on questions and artistic exercises, and then discussion in small groups. There will be time to look at these experiences and any questions in plenary sessions.

(VI) Curative Education in Practice: Training our Perception to Understand the Essential Being and Needs of the Child. The Curative Teacher’s Inner Work ( lead by Dr Andrea Seemann)
This session is open to educator, therapist, social worker, art therapist, teacher, parent or those who have interest in this field of training.
Course Description :
This workshop will cover the followings :
– the essential virtues from the “Curative Education Course“ by Rudolf Steiner and the curative teacher´s inner work;
– the pedagogical law ;
– deepening of our understanding of the three polarities described in the “Curative Education Course“ and
– child studies, using the methods we have learned and taking into account the twelve senses, three polarities, leading to an image of the child.

(VII) Anthroposophic Medicine : Heart-Physiology as basis for diagnostics and therapy (lead by Dr Daphne Von Boch)
This session is available only to those health professionals who have either qualified in a registered field of practice, or are on a specific path of training. For medical doctors this course serves as part of the pathway to certification as an Anthroposophic Physician.
Course Description :
One thesis of Rudolf Steiner states that the heart is not a pump and that the blood moves the heart. In this workshop we will find out why these affirmations of Rudolf Steiner are found in reality and will study the therapy of the principal diseases of the heart and the circulation.

(VIII) Antroposophic Pharmacy : Pharmaceutical Warmth Processes (lead by Salete Klett)
This session is available only to those health professionals who have either qualified in a registered field of practice, or are on a specific path of training.
Course Description :
This workshop will explore the connections between medicinal preparations and human warmth-organisation. The workshop is designed to be interactive with hands on practical experiments.
We will work on the use of heat for medicinal preparations in the following manners:
1. Extraction at normal temperature ie tincture (from dry plant parts), or essence and maceration (from fresh plants).
2. Extraction at body temperature ie digestion.
3. Extraction by pouring boiling water over the plant ie infusion.
4. Extraction by long and intensive cooking with water ie decoction.
5. Distillation of the substance.
6. Roasting of the substance.
7. Carbonization of the substance, “combustion” with the exclusion of air.
8. Incineration of the substance, a combustion with air, which leads to a carbon-free ash.
We will also work on the potentiation of the substances as medicinal remedies, in particular from vegetable preparations.

(IX) The Main Pillars of a Healthy Social Life: World Economy anf the Role of Money; Community Building, Healthy Relationships and Leadership;Threefold Human Being and Threefold Society (lead by Alexander Schwedeler) 

This session is open to business professionals, entreprenuer those who have interest in this field of training.
Course Description :
In the workshop we will bring together what we have covered over the last two years. We will focus on how the ‘I’ can appear in the soul, how we are able to live our strengths in good community with others. We will work on vertical organizations and how we can support that they include more horizontal ways of cooperation and leadership. And we will work on and train the four core leadership qualities 1. management, 2. coaching, 3. inspiring, 4. intervening, with a focus on inspiring and intervening. All this on the background of the model of the 7-fold organization. Questions from the participants will be integrated into the course.

For Course Enquiry:

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For accommodation or registration Enquiry: Ooi Lay Koon,

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